Teacher Grants Program

The North Carolina Council for the Social Studies supports the essential work teachers do to provide social studies content and skills to our state’s students. The council provides grants of up to $1,000 to help teachers make an even greater impact in their classroom, school district, and community through innovative social studies programs.

Who can apply

  • Applicants for grants must be currently employed, licensed classroom teachers in North Carolina in grades K–12
  • teachers providing social studies instruction individually as a course, on an interdisciplinary team, or as an elective in a social studies department, etc
  • a current member of the NCCSS


Funding Priorities

The NCCSS is particularly interested in supporting social studies education proposals that encourage:

  • Innovative, hands-on experiences related to social studies that directly involve and impact students and teachers
  • Civic engagement, collaboration with the community (i.e. parents and Families, community agencies, etc.), service learning, higher order Learning, multiple intelligences, etc.
  • Global perspectives, tolerance, and diversity.


Ineligible Requests

Teacher Grants may not be used for administrative overhead, capital or deficit expenses, scholarships, or travel. The grant may also not be used to fund classroom programs or projects that are already funded by regular funding sources.

How to Apply

Applications must be completed and emailed by February 12, 2021. Please go to Application to access all information. Recipients will be notified during the month of January and the awards will be announced at the annual NCCSS conference luncheon. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Completing a Teacher Grant Application

Applications should be submitted by a single teacher, or in the case of a group project, by the team leader. Each application must include: A completed proposal; Must be completed by February 12, 2021 *Teachers that are chosen from the initial application process will be contacted and may be asked to provide additional information: Proposal materials are reviewed by the NCCSS Awards Selection Committee. Your typed proposal must include the following information: A summary of your proposal. What are the proposal’s objectives? What hand-on activities are planned? What will be accomplished? Identify expected outcomes and indicators of proposals success. How will students benefit from this project? Identify the estimated number of students that will participate, benefit from, and be impacted by the project. If relevant, also note the number of teachers, staff, and community members who will participate, benefit from, and be impacted by the project. Optional: Although not required, evidence of community support and collaboration will enhance a project’s potential to receive funding. Thus, consider sharing how your project will involve parents, the community, non-profit agencies, local government entities or officials, or other community stakeholders. (Examples include: receiving matching funds from another source such as your local school or PTA, having community members or organizations collaborate on the project, etc.) Include a budget for the project, detailing how the requested funds will be spent and why requested funds are necessary to the project’s success. (You can request funds up to the amount of $1,000.)

Proposal Timeline

Awards will not be given for projects that are already in progress. All projects should be scheduled to begin after the award of the grant and end within one year of the start date.

Reporting Requirements

A brief report describing the project’s accomplishments and an accounting of expenditures will be required at the completion of the project. Recipients may be asked to write a brief article about the project for the NCCSS website, present a session at the NCCSS state conference, and asked to share scripted lessons/project outcomes and reflection. The NCCSS will share the results of the grant with the NCCSS membership.